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Marmara Caves South Chania. Sailing to the top coasts of Crete!!! Our daily trip that cruise the South coasts of Crete, the one that we call “sailing the top coasts of Crete”, can offer a unique sailing experience!!! One of our stops for swimming and relaxation takes place into the isolated Marmara beach.

There you may admire the crystal clear waters and explore the caves. Marmara caves are amazing and easy to approach from our yacht. Marmara caves has a Certificate of Distinction on TripAdvisor as well as we, the Sailing Creta, has excellent reviews on trip advisor. At Marmara caves you can also taste the traditional Cretan cuisine as there is a local Taverna on the beach.We are specialized in sailing the South part of Chania and this specific cruise is our best seller. On our sailing yacht and by the guidance of our experienced skipper you will surely have an unforgettable time.

Another amazing destination is Loutro!!! This small bay that is well hidden somewhere on the south side of Chania hosts a small village in white and blue!!! On the side of the sea are amphitheatrically built beautiful lodgings and what is missing from this place is only the city’s hustle. Approached only from the sea or from the well-known European path E4 leaves behind the city’s noise. There we will make our next stop and you will have the opportunity to walk the narrow streets and even have a coffee or an ice cream in the shadow of a cafeteria!!!