Our mission is to offer travelers unrivaled savings at a selection of hand-picked luxurious destinations.

Our means to escape is a Bavaria 47 Sailing boat, 15 meters long, that can accommodate up to ten people on her large deck as well as in its four comfortable cabins .There are three WCs, a large kitchen equipped with a fridge and oven and even a spacious dining room to relax ‘ indoors’ .Her two large sails are our main driving force and they can take us everywhere with the help of favourable wind. There is also a 50-horse engine as well as a small auxiliary inflatable boat which ensures that even the most well hidden beach can be reached..
Whichever sailing trip you choose you will surely enjoy a full sailing experience in the open sea as you will be our crew and we will set the course of our trip together.

Each of our excursions has its own character and is suitable for everyone. Those who wish to enjoy the hot sun can relax sunbathing on the large deck of the boat, though the captain is willing to pass on the steering wheel to whoever wishes to give it a try and to even share some secrets of the sailing art…

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

  • Safety

  • Trust 


Our specialists are at the heart of Destinations. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your trip.

Chris Paterakis


He was not born in any hospital of Hania ,as some believe, but his existence is the result of limestone and granite distillation back in 1979. School was too confined for him and from an early age he‘d rather climb rocks and mountains as those really appealed to him.

There was also the sea besides the mountains though. Having practically grown up inside the sea he was always attracted by water so he started sailing from a very early age, participating in many sailing rallies across the Aegean Sea, even obtaining first place in the International Aegean Sailing Rally in 2011. He is a holder of the HORC (ΠΟΙΑΘ) Skipper Certificate . Today he is the captain of Filia boat during the summer months, and during the winter he runs the Mountain Refuge of Kallergis located on the White Mountains at a 1700m altitude. He is also a mountain escort and owner of the Hiking Creta company.

Natassa Kouklakis


Natassa is the daughter of a sailor and that alone is enough to give her the ability to perfectly organize the boat both on land and at sea. Αny question or reservation of Sailing Creta goes through her

 and at the same time she is responsible of anything we eat aboard. She was born in Athens, studied Accounting and lives permanently in Hania managing Sailing Creta.

Panayiotis Alamagkos


Panayiotis lives and breathes through the sea. He is a retirement officer of the Hellenic Navy where he was a submarine engineer and he is of course the person who maintains and repairs anything on our boat both on land and at sea.He is responsible of our technical department

He is responsible of our technical department and the person who will ensure a safe voyage, untying and tying the boat personally on every trip.


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in bespoke travel