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Project Description

“Magic bay”

Sailing Trip: Hania Menies Hironisia.

Our trip starts early in the morning and heading west we will set sail towards the first foot of Crete .Once we are in the open sea our fishing tools will take action and if we get lucky a tuna fish might be found in our plates. However we will trim our sails as well as possible and we will enjoy sailing in the open sea , reaching the sailing tip of Hania. From there we will move south to get to Menies, an enchanting little bay and an ideal refuge for a swim in crystal blue waters. Actually, during the prehistoric years the place used to be a trading spot with ancient monuments saved until today. After taking a rest we start taking our way back and with our sails opened we will sail to the harbour of Hania, being there late in the afternoon, just before sunset.

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Muliday Trip to Menies, from 450€/Day


Snacks, meals and breakfasts as well as refreshments and drinking water!!!

We also can provide the service of pick-up and drop-off your lodge, if needed, FREE of charge.